Building A Home Business From Your Own Creativity

unleash-creativityThe advent of technology into modern day life has led to a lot of opportunities for businesses that can be safely conducted from the comfortable environs of a home.

Previously, starting any business meant that you had to acquire premises, decide on products to make, spend capital on putting up machinery, hiring staff and find avenues to market your products.

Technologies, like the internet, have turned these outdated ideas on their head, and now allow a person who is sufficiently entrepreneurial to start a home business without any need for too much of finance or other outlay.

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Turning Your Creative Hobby Into A Business In Five Steps

drawing_hobbyAre you passionate about a creative hobby? You could turn your passion into a professional activity by launching your own business.

Anyone can start their own small business and your artistic talents and experiences actually give you a unique advantage.

Find a way to market your artistic skills.

You could of course try selling your art or create commissions for your audience.

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Giving Your Child an Outlet to be Creative

Nurturing KidsI have spoken about nurturing a child’s creativity before, and this is sort of a continuation of that topic from before. Now, I am sure that many of you are getting into business and entrepreneurship not just for yourselves, but for the future of your family as well.

Many of you will want your children to be engaged and inspired, and hopefully have the knack for entrepreneurship when they get older. To do this, you will have to give them the foundation for staying creative and finding inspiration when they need it. You will need to give them a great outlet that will nurture their creativity.

Encourage them to join an after school club
Soccer KidsChildren learn how to become more social when they are playing and learning with their peers. While school is a great place for this, many of the subjects at school can seem drab or boring for your child. Remember that being bored is the end of creativity, so keep your child occupied with an after school club.

There are many ideas for after school club activities ranging from musical lessons to science enrichment activities. The key to finding the perfect after school club for your child would be to explore their interests – try things together at home and see what catches their fancy. You can also ask them what they would be interested in trying.

Create creative spaces at home
I put together a play and reading nook at home so that my children will have their own little place to be alone and to be creative. They can play with their toys, make believe, disappear into a magical world in a book, or bring their fantasies to life with arts and crafts.Art Handprints

Creative spaces are great for children who need a little bit of time alone to grow. I believe that a child should get the right balance of socialization and having a bit of time to themselves. Remember that children should get a little bit of autonomy for them to grow.

Focus on process rather than the product
Water FightingStudies show that children who are constantly criticized with their parents have lower self-esteem and are less creative. You should not always focus on the final product but on the process instead.

Another thing that makes children less creative is being showered with rewards. For one thing, it is a good idea to compliment your child on how well they were doing. Affirmation is always a good thing.

However, once you start giving out rewards such as sweets and toys, creativity tends to suffer. Children will instead focus on getting another reward, often by simply repeating a process that they have done before.

Whether you choose to enrol your child in after school activities or honing their creativity at home, the key is to be supportive. If you are supportive and kind, you will be able to be raise a creative, budding entrepreneur that you can be proud of.

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