Building A Home Business From Your Own Creativity

unleash-creativityThe advent of technology into modern day life has led to a lot of opportunities for businesses that can be safely conducted from the comfortable environs of a home.

Previously, starting any business meant that you had to acquire premises, decide on products to make, spend capital on putting up machinery, hiring staff and find avenues to market your products.

Technologies, like the internet, have turned these outdated ideas on their head, and now allow a person who is sufficiently entrepreneurial to start a home business without any need for too much of finance or other outlay.

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Turning Your Creative Hobby Into A Business In Five Steps

drawing_hobbyAre you passionate about a creative hobby? You could turn your passion into a professional activity by launching your own business.

Anyone can start their own small business and your artistic talents and experiences actually give you a unique advantage.

Find a way to market your artistic skills.

You could of course try selling your art or create commissions for your audience.

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How to Sell Your Works Online

Okay, now that we have touched upon some basics on how to start a business from home, we will now get into more specific ways to sell your work online.

It does not matter if you are a painter, a writer, or DIY artisan who creates beautiful welsh slate gifts, you just need to know how to sell your work and yourself by utilising online media platforms.

So, how do you even start? Well, here are a few tips on how to do it.


Sell Yourself

Before you even start selling your artworks, you would have to sell yourself first. Build up a portfolio and show others that you are a professional in your field that creates high quality work.

Think of a corporate identity as an artist, and put together a great media kit that contains your portfolio, your business card, and other marketing materials such as brochures and stationery.

Likewise, your website should feature your best works and should be beautiful and functional to make browsing easier. It is also a great way for your potential clients to find you and give information on how to purchase your works.

Join Artist or Artisan Communities

If you are a painter, you should join art communities, and if you are a writer, you could join writer’s communities. Likewise, crafts and other creative pursuits each have their own community websites.

There are several benefits to joining an artistic community. First of all, you would get more exposure for your art and be able to talk with other artists who have similar interests to yours.

If you generate enough interest in your art and become popular through the website, the likelihood of someone purchasing your art is increased.


Sell Your Art on Various Platforms

There are now hundreds of websites that cater to different kinds of artists. Some of the most popular websites for selling your work (and everything under the sun) is Amazon.

There is also eBay, and several websites that cater exclusively to selling art (<< join here). For craftsmen and artisans, you even have sites like Etsy, which are becoming increasingly popular for selling unique, one of a kind items.

Some websites even sell digital copies of your work. E-books and music is of course the most common content consumed in this format.

For artworks, they are often consumed in the digital format if they are commissions and are exclusively available to the purchaser. You can also sell high quality prints of your work, as well as other merchandise, such as stickers, mugs, hats, and shirts.

Selling your works online is a very extensive process and you would have to put special attention on networking and marketing. No matter what genre you focus on, you have to create high quality goods that people are willing to purchase.

Adding a personal touch and going beyond a client’s expectations is also a great way to create a solid following.