Building A Home Business From Your Own Creativity

unleash-creativityThe advent of technology into modern day life has led to a lot of opportunities for businesses that can be safely conducted from the comfortable environs of a home.

Previously, starting any business meant that you had to acquire premises, decide on products to make, spend capital on putting up machinery, hiring staff and find avenues to market your products.

Technologies, like the internet, have turned these outdated ideas on their head, and now allow a person who is sufficiently entrepreneurial to start a home business without any need for too much of finance or other outlay.

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Turning Your Creative Hobby Into A Business In Five Steps

drawing_hobbyAre you passionate about a creative hobby? You could turn your passion into a professional activity by launching your own business.

Anyone can start their own small business and your artistic talents and experiences actually give you a unique advantage.

Find a way to market your artistic skills.

You could of course try selling your art or create commissions for your audience.

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Tips for a Great Business Presentation


An entrepreneur will have to do hundreds, if not thousands of business presentations and proposals throughout his or her career. Entrepreneurship is heavily reliant your relationship with your clients and investors, so you will have to give business presentations to convince them that your ideas are profitable and worth investing in.


You will also need to make business presentations for your team, to organize a course of action for the business. Strategic planning, marketing, and any new project that your company plans on undertaking will require a business presentation.


Here are some tips to help you make a great business presentation.


Take a course for business presentation

You can always find a course for training in advanced presentation skills. Even if you think that you are already good at presenting your ideas, a little extra skills would not hurt. Hiring a professional will get you the help you need to become an efficient speaker and presenter.


Always include your goal early on in your presentations

When presenting to an audience, you will have to include your goal early on in the presentation. Be quick and straight to the point and show them what your intent is. I am sure that many writing classes have taught you that you should start your articles with a declarative statement.


This is true for presentations as well, because you will have to have a purpose if you want to truly engage your audience from the very beginning. Remember, you should never beat around the bush!


Establish credibility

Even the most well established business mogul has to establish the credibility of his words when making a presentation. To do so, you will have to provide plenty of supporting material in order to get the desired effect. Supporting material can include statistics, diagrams, and references to researched material.


Use relevant images and quotes

Business presentations tend to have a notorious reputation of being boring and dull. That is why it is always a good idea to make use of relevant images and quotes that can emphasize important points in your speech.


Images are more quickly processed than words, so punctuate boring blocks of text with an interesting image. Just be careful to keep the tone of your presentation serious, so that you do not sacrifice professionalism in favour of pizazz.


Make interesting or thought-provoking statements

When you are speaking, make interesting, startling statements. They serve the same function as an image in that they catch your audience’s attention. Startling statements should also be backed up with facts and supporting material, to justify its use in your presentation. After all, you would not want to be accused of using empty shock tactics.


Here is a video showing you how to do a Presentation with a 5 Steps to a Killer Opener:



Similarly, you can try to ask questions too, in order to engage your audience and to get them to respond. Just be careful to ask only rhetorical questions, and save the real questions for the end of your presentation. By keeping discussion open towards the end of your presentation, you can assure that you will not lose the impact on your audience.

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